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Проект роторно-винтового двигателя - разработка роторного ДВС

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Our company is engaged into the internal combustion rotary engine development. A series of scientific research activities as well as research and development work were conducted to study, design and create an internal combustion rotary engine on the basis of screw rotor machines. As an outcome, a trial model of the engine was built. Through a range of research activities the model of the engine proved to be potentially productive and its strengths and weaknesses were found out in comparison with piston engines and rotor engines of different designs. In testing the experimental model, the technique of calculating the rotor flow channel characteristics and the engine’s main values, including revolutions at ignition, idle speed and high speed revolutions were tested experimentally.

On the basis of the research conducted and the successful result, an application for a patent was completed and submitted to the patent agency. Design effort was made to engineer the engine and at present the production sample of the engine is being built.

A screw rotor engine comprises a screw rotor expander, a screw rotor compressor and a combustion chamber. Screw rotor engines have a number of advantages over other types of superchargers: noncontact operation, no vibrations or reciprocating motion of parts, capabilities for designing rotors with passageways for coolant, adequate efficiency coefficient. The whole complex of the above mentioned features enables the development of an engine based on the screw rotor supercharger, which will have a long useful life, high reliability and power-to-weight ratio. Sustained fire in the combustion chamber results in complete fuel combustion; such clean fuel burning makes the engine multifuel, environmentally-friendly and efficient. The engine is a positive-displacement compressor machine and has excellent acceleration performance and high efficiency coefficient in the wide range of rotational rates.

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