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The work of the rotary engine is implemented as follows: upon rotation of the rotors in the compressor is in the process of suction and compression of air. Next, the compressed air enters the combustion chamber. Also in the combustion chamber is fed pulverized fuel. Engine operation is at a constant combustion in the combustion chamber, which allows to burn fuel and to use different types of liquid fuel. Then the burnt mixture flows into the expansion machine - expander. The heated gas expands, acting on the rotor of the expansion machine, which leads them into rotation. During operation of the engine through the channels in the housing, the combustion chamber and through the channels in the rotor, the coolant is pumped than is provided by the permissible operating temperature for all components of the engine.

Our company develops the internal combustion engine of the rotary screw type for practical use in the production of boats, helicopters, all-terrain vehicles, armored vehicles, special vehicles, commercial and other vehicles. Consider